Poster Presentation NCGRT/IAH Australasian Groundwater Conference 2019

A different approach to characterising aquifer properties using pressure transducers in privately owned bores in South East Queensland (206)

Lisa Gurieff 1 , Lucy Reading 1
  1. Sustainable Environments, QUT, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

The findings presented in this study relate to an area with a distinct lack of information regarding aquifer hydraulic parameters and volumetric water use. This study classifies the response of a basalt aquifer in South East Queensland, Australia, based on water level information from pressure transducers and rainfall data. Based on the data from the pressure transducers, it is possible to identify pumping events. This information is combined with water use data from water meters, to produce the data normally obtained from a pumping test, without having to disrupt the daily use of the pump and/or the supply of water to the residents or business. The response to rainfall in each bore is also classified using the same dataset, therefore providing valuable additional information for understanding recharge processes in the area. The challenges associated with the use of private bores for assessment of aquifer properties were found to include limited options for the transducer installation depth and gaps in the available bore construction and pump installation information.